Remote Starters

Remote Car Starters 

Get your remote start system professionally installed at Diamond Auto Interiors for the convenience of staying warm, cool, safe, and secure all year round. We carry a wide variety of models and features so that we can customize a remote auto start system to meet your needs.

Why do you need a remote car starter from Diamond Auto Interiors?

No matter the weather, remote starters are convenient for all seasons! Warm up your car on those frigid winter days from your home or office and watch the snow and ice melt away. During that time, you can be doing just about anything else while your car is warming itself and waiting for you. Studies have indicated that warming your vehicle's engine prior to driving can promote longer engine life, especially in cooler climates. 

The same idea of convenience as a result of your remote starter installation goes for those scorching summer days where the heat rises to unbearable temperatures inside your vehicle. Simply hit your keyless entry remote and with one touch of a button, drive off in a cooled down car or truck. Give yourself a break and make life simple.

What is the cost of a keyless start?

Remote starters come in a variety of models and can be programmed for a number of features, all of which may impact the price.  Don't be fooled by many low cost advertisements for remote starters which typically don't include installation, a second transmitter, keyless door entry lock/unlock functions or interfaces that may be required on most vehicles.  Be sure to ask what the total price is for everything; you cannot assume that the price you see in the newspaper is an out-the-door price.  There will always be added fees in low priced remote starters as you add additional features to suit your needs. At Diamond Auto Interiors we are up front about what is included in our pricing. 

Remote starters tend to vary a lot, so what is the difference between them?

When choosing a remote starter for your vehicle, there are two options: Basic Remote Starters and Two-Way Paging.

Basic Remote Starters:

Basic remote starters communicate with your vehicle using a small remote transmitter that can be attached to your key chain.  These transmitters are about the size of a typical OEM key fob and communicate with your vehicle much the same way your TV remote control communicates with your TV. When you push a button, a signal is sent from the remote transmitter to the remote starter module in the vehicle, and it starts your vehicle. These models are priced at the entry level range. There are a number of models in this category.  Models at the basic level are usually one-button remote starters that simply start your vehicle.  As you move up in price, you can add features as follows:

  • Additional remote transmitters
  • Door lock and unlock - even one-button remotes can be programmed to lock and unlock your vehicle
  • Trunk release – a simple convenience when your hands are full
  • Panic button - draw attention to yourself should you feel the need
  • Valet mode - allow your mechanic to work on the vehicle safely
  • Car locator – prompts your horn and flashes the lights
  • Extended range – enjoy a greater remote starting distance 

Two-Way Paging:

These remote starters communicate between your vehicle and a remote transmitter, providing you with information about your vehicle such as interior temperature, battery voltage, open doors, shock sensor alert, open hood, doors locked/unlocked and more.  The transmitter itself also provides some features such as time and alarm clock. The transmitters for these remotes are typically larger and feature an LCD display to clearly display the information about your vehicle's status.  These models are priced at the higher-end range. 

What is transmitter range?

Another major difference in the price between remote starters has to do with range.  Most entry level models have a range of about 800 ft., while premium models can have a range of up to a mile.  

Why on earth would you ever need more than 800 ft. of range? Well, for every barrier the signal comes in contact with (wall or window), the signal range drops by about half. If you were in your house, 800 ft. would be plenty of range.  However, think about those times when you would want to start your vehicle from inside your office, while sitting in a restaurant, inside the mall, or even from the locker room at your gym. Let's say you were in your office and you wanted to start your vehicle which was about 900 feet away, but you had to go through a wall and a window to reach it. You would need a remote starter with a range of approximately 3,000 ft.  So it's important to determine how and where you will use your remote starter. Our proffesional staff at Diamond Auto Interiors can help you purchase the remote car starter model that is right for you. 

A remote starter is definitely convenient, but is it safe? YES! Will someone be able to steal my vehicle while it's running? NO! 

All remote starters provide a number of safety features to ensure your vehicle is safe and secure while running including:

  • The doors remain locked while the vehicle is running to prevent unwanted entry 
  • If someone does gain access, the engine will immediately shut off if either the brake or accelerator are touched without the key in the ignition 

If your vehicle has a factory alarm or alarm feature with the remote starter, an alarm may sound if unauthorized entry occurs.