The headliner in your vehicle consists of a foam backed cloth which is glued to a headliner board. 

Age, heat, and humidity will cause the fabric and foam to separate which causes the material to sag, eventually fall, and require Auto Headliner Replacement.

There is only one solution other than stick pins or living with it.  Auto Headliner Repair requires removing the headliner board and recovering it.

Auto Headliner Replacement involves dissembling  the interior of your car, removing the headliner board, cleaning all old foam and glue from the board.  New foam backed material is glued to the board and allowed to dry.  It is then trimmed and re-installed in the vehicle.

Auto Headliner Replacement, done properly, requires we have your vehicle at least two full days. 

One day to take the vehicle interior apart, clean the board and attach new material.  Overnight for the glue to completely dry and the next day to put your vehicle back together.

Prices for Auto Headliner Repair vary due to the size and complexity of the vehicle's interior.  There are additional charges for sunroof and recovering visors.

Call or stop by our shop for a firm quote on Auto Headliner Repair and to make an appointment.